Which CF Instance and jvm config am I using?


This is more of a quick reminder for myself.  Hopefully someone else will find it useful as well... If you have multiple instances of ColdFusion running on a server and one of those starts to runaway with the processor you just need to kill it and move on, right?  But, what if you what to know which instance it was?  If you don't have something like FusionReactor  watching your CF Instances then a  quick way to determine which instance is the trouble maker is to see the config file being used … [Read more...]

On break at a recording session…


I was at a recording session a couple of weeks ago and on break, another musician proposed a riddle to me that has been driving me crazy.... I've been thinking it through and have yet to come up with an answer. I'm sure the answer is out there, but I am resiting the urge to "use the Google".  I've repeated it to several people and get the same response each time, "Wow, that sounds familiar.  I think I've heard that one before." However no one has been able to give a decent answer. Here it … [Read more...]